Posted by: Kathy | May 28, 2009

My Mom, the Angel

Several months ago something amazing happened, but at the same time, it also brought up a lot of questions. Questions for which there aren’t really any answers. Can anyone help me understand? 

In early January, almost 2 months after my mom died, I was getting my daughter, Nikki, ready for bed in our living room. Out of the blue, she said “Grandmom”. I looked at her and said as gently as  possible “Grandmom isn’t here anymore, she’s gone baby”. Nikki responded by saying “yeah, Grandmom is angel”. I was really surprised because we hadn’t been talking about my mom and I hadn’t mentioned to my daughter about my mom being an angel for probably a few weeks now. Plus Nikki doesn’t regularly talk about my mom, she only says “that’s Grandmom” when I show her family pictures. I was deeply intrigued. So then I asked Nikki if she saw Grandmom and she said “yes”. I gave her a big hug and let it drop for the night, as we put her to bed.

I honestly didn’t know what to believe. I do believe that angels walk among us, help us when we need it. But is it possible that my mom actually came to visit Nikki? When my mom died, one of her biggest fears was that Nikki would forget her because she was only two and a half. Because of this fear, as well as my mom’s deep love for the kids, it seems logical to me that my mom would come back to visit Nikki if she could. 

The next morning Nikki started talking about Grandmom again. I didn’t understand what she was saying, but she was definitely talking about my mom without any prompting from us. This is something she hadn’t done before. I asked her again later in the day if she actually saw Grandmom in our house and again she said “yes”. I then asked Nikki to tell me when she saw Grandmom again. I’ve talked to several friends about it and all of them believe that Nikki saw my mom as an angel. I asked Nikki a few days later if she saw Grandmom and she said “yes” and when I asked where she said “in bed”. I showed Nikki a picture of my mom and tried to see if she understood the difference between Grandmom in the picture and Grandmom as an angel. The way that she responded makes me believe that she does understand the difference.

I still don’t know if my mom visited Nikki. Nikki talked about Grandmom and about seeing her a few more times, but in the past few months I don’t think she’s seen “Grandmom Angel” at all.


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