Posted by: Kathy | June 1, 2009

Coins from Heaven?

Friends have told me stories about finding coins in strange places and that these coins were put there by loved ones who have passed on as a symbol that they came to visit. 

Has anyone else heard of this? Has it happened to you?

Here’s my story:

About a week after my daughter, Nikki, first said she’d seen my mom, I was getting her ready for bed and asked if she’d seen Grandmom angel. She said “yes”. When I asked her where she pointed to a spot in the bedroom we were in. So I said “do you see Grandmom right now” and Nikki said “yes”. Of course, I couldn’t see or sense anything, and when I tried to question Nikki about it, she didn’t say much. She was more interested in singing, but she’s only 2 years old. When we went downstairs, my husband asked her the same question, and Nikki said that my mom was now in the living room where we were. But the way Nikki was acting and talking made me question whether or not she was really see my mom as she said.

I went upstairs to take a shower and started talking to my mom. I asked her to give me a sign if she was really here. I specifically asked her to leave a coin, any coin, in a place where I’d know it was definitely her. Then I prayed to God about everything. 

Later we took Nikki to bed. As I do every night, I walked over to her dresser to turn off the light, and when I did I felt something cold under my foot – it was a dime. I carefully picked it up and put the dime in my pocket, but didn’t say a word to anyone. I went into my bedroom and placed the dime in the corner of my mom’s picture frame.

I step in basically the same place every night and have never seen/felt a coin there, and if I did I would have picked it up because Nikki likes to put coins in her mouth. But there are never coins in Nikki’s room, there would be no reason for that. So it looks like my request was answered. Although I’m not sure who answered my request. Was it my mom? Or was God answering my prayer, letting me know that my mom is ok? I have so many questions as to how that coin got there, but I’m grateful that it was there. I just wish I understood more.

The weird thing is that I super-cleaned Nikki’s room about a month after the night I found that coin, and was amazed at what I found. There were coins on the floor all around the room near the walls, sometimes just one, other times a few coins in like a small pile. For a few weeks, Nikki would tell me that she’d see my mom in her room when she took a nap. When I asked her to show me where, she pointed to above her crib. Was a coin left by my mom each time she visited Nikki?

That was a few months ago, and Nikki hasn’t mentioned Grandmom angel lately and I haven’t found any more coins.



  1. i love this! apparently your mom leaves coins — my dad leaves dollar bills 🙂

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