Posted by: Kathy | June 13, 2009

A Gift of Love – Ant Traps

My mom and dad had been married for more than 43 years when my mom died. You could see that they really loved each other. I know my mom worried about how my dad would be after she died. My dad has good days and difficult ones, and there are some days/nights when he really misses his wife.

A few months ago, after an especially difficult night, my dad came down in the morning and found something unusual in the kitchen. On the floor next to one of the pocket doors were two ant traps. My dad said that he remembered seeing one ant trap on the floor a few days before, but he didn’t give it much thought at the time. But now there was a second ant trap, placed perfectly next to the first one. My dad hadn’t put either of the traps down, and told me that he doesn’t even know where in the house the ant traps are kept. And no one else had been in the house. My mom was the one who put the traps on the floor when there were ants in the house. 

So how did these ant traps get on my dad’s kitchen floor? The only explanation is that my mom put them there. My dad took it as a sign from my mom, telling him that she’s ok and he shouldn’t be so upset. My dad eventually picked up the ant traps up and placed them on the washing machine. He didn’t want the kids to pick them up when they came over, and he probably couldn’t throw them away either. The funny thing is that the ant traps ended up back on the floor again, and at some point a third one appeared. So there are now three ant traps on my dad’s kitchen floor – a gift of love from my mom.



  1. OH WOW!! The unbelievable power of the spirits of the ones who love us! 🙂

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