Posted by: Kathy | August 29, 2009

Glimpses of My Mom

I’ve dreamt of my mom twice in the last two nights. This is a record in a way since the last dream I had of my mom was more than 2 months ago, bringing the number of times I’ve dreamt of my mom since she died to a grand total of four. 

I call these dreams glimpses of my mom. The first dream focused mainly on my daughter and people who I work with. A strange combination, but then again, it was a strange dream in many ways for me. My mom appeared at the end of the dream, but I never saw her face. I was walking out of the garage of my house, although it looked more like my parents’ garage in the dream, and I stopped a burgandy colored car, my mom’s car, from pulling in. Even though I never saw her face, I knew it was my mom. 

I told my mom that I wanted her to meet my friends, and we walked down the street to where their car was parked. I held my mom’s hand as we walked together down the street. I said to my friends “I’d like you to meet my mom” and I remember one of them saying that it was nice to meet her. I believe at that point I woke up.

The strangest part about this dream is that the three coworkers/friends who met my mom were the three people from my company who came to my mom’s funeral. Weird that these three people would meet my mom in my dream and that in this dream I never saw my mom’s face. The dream was also very dark, in that everything took place in the middle of the night.

Last night’s dream was the exact opposite – it was very bright and the only thing I saw in this dream was my mom’s face. I don’t remember much about the dream at all, but there wasn’t a sequence of events or a story. I only saw my mom, her face and upper body. She was facing me and said something, but I’m not quite sure what she said, I can’t remember. I just know that I saw my mom two times in this dream.

Dreams are the only way I can “interact” with my mom now. I don’t dream about my mom and usually don’t remember a lot of what I dreamt about. So these two glimpses of my mom were special.

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