Posted by: Kathy | September 27, 2009

A Survivor

Today, I walked in a pancreatic cancer research walk to raise money for the Lustgarten Foundation. When we were signing in for the walk, I noticed stickers for people who had survived pancreatic cancer. Knowing the horrible statistics associated with this type of cancer, I figured I wouldn’t see anyone with this sticker.

About halfway through the walk, I found myself walking next to a woman I didn’t know and she had one of those stickers on her jacket. I had to ask, and when I did, she told me that yes, she had survived pancreatic cancer. I have to tell you that I was amazed. I know there are people who survive pancreatic cancer, but they are too few and far between. Unlike my mom and many others with this disease, Enid was diagnosed early. She underwent a successful Whipple procedure and today she is cancer free.

I didn’t know this woman, but I felt so incredibly happy for her. I spent the rest of the walk talking with Enid about anything and everything – her surgery, my mom, her family, my family, even our jobs. I’m not sure how long we walked and talked, but it was really nice getting to know her a little bit. 

Meeting Enid brightened my day and gave me hope. I don’t know how else to explain what I’m feeling right now and have been feeling since I left the walk. I’m really glad I met Enid. I not only met someone who survived pancreatic cancer, today I met a friend.



  1. We do exist. I was diagnosed in august of 2007 with stage IV inoperable PC. My tumor was bigger that 6.5 cm. I had FU-5 chemo and radiation for 5-1/2 weeks in 2007. My tumor slowly shrunk. I turned down surgery to have the whipple because I was feeling so good. In June of 2009 my CAT Scan showed no sign of a tumor left. I go today for another CAT Scan to see if the news is still good. So yes there are survivors, but very few. I am now a 2 year survivor, without surgery

    • Hi Patrick, thank you for sharing your story. I’m so glad to hear of someone else who has survived this terrible disease. I hope you received good news today and remain cancer free.

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