Posted by: Kathy | January 11, 2010

Verses With Meaning

One of my goals for 2010 is to read the entire Bible. I found a plan for reading the Bible in 1 year that puts the verses and books in chronological order, instead of just reading from beginning to end. It is my hope that I can get a better understanding of the stories in the Bible and how I can relate them to my life today.

Job 7:9-10 says “Just as a cloud dissipates and vanishes, those who die will not come back. They are gone forever from their home – never to be seen again.”

I’ve read passages in the Bible that I don’t truly understand; more than I’d like to admit, which is why I’m reading the Bible again. And I have read passages that don’t mean much to me, that don’t seem to pertain to my life at that moment. But these two verses stopped me cold and I had to take an extra breath before I continued with my reading. These words are something I understand and can deeply relate to.

As my mom got sicker and could no longer fight against the strength of pancreatic cancer, it was as if her life was dissipating like the cloud described in the verse. And then with her death, my mom physically vanished from my life. Suddenly she was gone and not coming back. I couldn’t see her or talk to her anymore. The person who gave me life was gone. Thinking about it, my mom was the person who I had known the longest, as I was with her before I was born. Knowing my mom, I’m sure that she talked to me as she waited for my birth. Her voice was the first one that I knew. But now I will never hear the sound of her voice again. And this is something that bothers me deeply.

It is still hard for me to completely grasp the fact that my mom is gone. As the verse said, my mom is gone forever from her home and I will not see her again – on this earth. But I know that I will be reunited with my mom again in Heaven one day. And this is a promise that is also written somewhere in the Bible and one day this year I will come across it. This promise is something I hold close to my heart.

I’m reading the Bible to learn and to hopefully get a better understanding of its passages and how they may relate to my life at this moment in time and in the future. There has to more than living on this earth and then going into the ground for eternity, never to see our loved ones again. My life after this one is something I want to learn more about. As I read the Bible each night, I’m sure there will be more verses that I’ll relate to. But I’m not sure if any will touch my heart in the way that those two verses in Job 7 did.


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