Posted by: Kathy | January 26, 2010

A Poem for My Mother

Although a year has passed since we lost you,
Mom you are always on my mind.
I think of the times we shared together,
I picture your smile so loving and kind.

Your time with us was cut short
by a disease so powerful and strong.
The fact that you can’t see your grandkids grow up
is something I feel is so wrong.

But you are still so alive in my heart
and I will keep my promise to you.
My kids will know of your deep love for them
and all that you wanted to do.

For I know you didn’t want to leave us,
as you held tightly to your hopes and your dreams
of wanting to share your life with your family,
that was something you shared with me.

Please know Mom that you are always with us,
your spirit present in the times that we share.
You are so much a part of this family
that your presence will always be there.

Just like the space you hold in my heart,
never to be filled by another.
Because there is no one who could take your place in my life
as my caring and loving mother.

Love always,




  1. thank you, Kathy, for bringing tears to my eyes.

  2. this is beautiful and loving and so appropriate for Marcia xxoo

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