Posted by: Kathy | February 1, 2010

A Visit From My Mom

On Friday nights when my kids sleep over at my dad’s house I make up a large mattress that sits in between the two beds in my old bedroom. My son has always slept on the floor. One windy night several weeks ago my daughter got scared and wanted to sleep with him. Now when the kids sleep over at Grandpop’s house, they sleep together on the big mattress on the floor.

It is my job to make up this bed each week. I know the way my kids like their sheets, blankets, and pillows placed on the bed. My dad strips the bed the next morning and may or may not wash the sheets and blankets depending on the week. But every Friday night, I find the sheets and blankets folded neatly on one of the beds or a chair. Last Friday evening, I went upstairs to make the bed. As I opened up the first flannel sheet and laid it on top of the mattress, I noticed that there was a hole in it. So I folded it back up and grabbed another flannel sheet. As I opened it up to place it on the bed I was surrounded by a familiar fragrance. I couldn’t believe what I was smelling and picked the sheet up, holding it to my noise and smelling different parts of the sheet. I quickly picked up the other sheets and blankets but none of them smelled like this one did. This flannel sheet smelled like my mom, like a powder she always used.

I went into the hallway holding the sheet, smelling it, and called for my dad. I asked him if he had washed the sheets. He said yes but if that sheet smelled weird to put it aside. I told him that it didn’t smell weird and asked him to come smell it. But my dad couldn’t smell anything on the sheet, the scent had disappeared. I told him that the sheet had smelled like Mom, like the powder she wore, a powder I now have. There were tears in both our eyes and my dad said he was glad Mom left something special for me.

This is another thing that happened that doesn’t have a real explanation. Like the ant traps at my dad’s house, the coin in my daughter’s room that I asked my mom to leave for me, the stacks of coins I found all over my daughter’s room, and that my daughter said she saw Grandmom as a visiting angel when she was younger. There is no logical explanation for any of these things. Just like there is no explanation for why this one flannel sheet smelled so strongly of my mom’s powder when no other sheet or blanket in the pile did. There was no scent on the other sheets and blankets, not even the lingering smell of laundry detergent.

I unfolded that sheet as I do almost every Friday night and the smell of my mom’s powder was there for only me. The scent disappeared quickly and no one else could smell it. I don’t understand how the scent of my mom’s powder got on that sheet, but I am grateful that I had a moment with my mom. And now every time I make the bed using that sheet I will think of my mom and know she’s watching over me.



  1. She is with you.

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