Posted by: Kathy | March 7, 2010

My Son’s Heartfelt Words

Last week I went to a parent-teacher conference at my son’s school. Projects from the kids lined the walls outside the classroom – there were brightly colored hearts everywhere. I started looking at them while I was waiting, hoping to find something by my son. And then I saw it, a heart with his handwriting. As I read what Matt had written, tears came to my eyes. I was so touched by his words. I took pictures of his heart with my cell phone because it was something I wanted to share with my husband and dad.

I found out from my son’s teacher that the assignment was to write about something they wanted to do or change, it could be anything, and it was called their heartfelt gift. Here’s what my son wrote:

My heartfelt gift would be to have my grandmom with us again. I would want this to happen because my whole family misses her. Also my sister didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her. That is why my heartfelt gift would be to have my grandmom with us again.

What my son wrote is so true and it captures very simply much of what I feel and have written about over the past year or so. I never thought I’d read those same words from a 10-year-old, but I also know that kids pick up a lot. I know Matt misses his grandmom. He had 9 years with her before she died and has many good memories of times they spent together. But his sister was only 2 when my mom died and she doesn’t remember her grandmother being here with her. She only knows her grandmom through pictures.

My son shared a special relationship with his grandmother. My mom was there with me when Matt was born and she couldn’t wait to hold her first grandchild. When my son was little, my mom took care of him 2 days a week while I worked and then he started spending Friday nights with my parents when he got older. They did so many things together – riding bikes, playing catch, coloring on the driveway with chalk, blowing bubbles, collecting sticks and other things during walks. The list could go on and on. My mom made sure they always had fun together and also taught Matt things too, helping him to grow and learn.

My mom helped me to raise my son. I’m grateful for what she taught him and how she helped him to become the person he is today. I’m so glad they had the time together that they did. My mom’s love for her grandkids was evident and, obviously, Matt loved his grandmom too and he misses her. He also has the compassion to see and understand how much the rest of our family misses my mom too. My son could have written about anything for his heartfelt gift and I guess this is what he wanted most in the world – to have his grandmother back with our family again. The impact my mom made on all our lives is special and it is permanent.


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