Posted by: Kathy | May 9, 2010

Three Generations

At the base of the stairs is a picture that was taken about 25 years ago. I am standing in between my mom and my grandmother. I’m not exactly sure when the picture was taken, but it must have been summertime because I am wearing shorts. Of course my mom and grandmom are both dressed much nicer. It was always that way and it was ok. I see that picture as I walk down the stairs each morning. Some days it is just a picture, sometimes I’m taken back to that time, and other times I realize just how much I miss my mother and grandmother.

Five years ago, four generations of my family gathered together to celebrate Mother’s Day. My grandmother was almost 92 years old and she was the last grandparent I had. She passed away 7 months later. Less than 3 years after that I lost my mother too, a devastating and unexpected loss. My family is small but we have always been close. I didn’t realize just how close we all were until my mom and grandmom were gone. I can still remember the sound of my grandmother’s voice, the bits of advice she used to give me. Of course, the sound of my mom’s voice lives in my heart.

My mom and grandmom showed me the importance of family through their love and devotion and through the times we all spent together. As I share these memories with my children, I hope I can teach them the importance of family as it was taught to me. You can’t choose your mother or grandmother and I was blessed to have two such wonderful people in my life. They were true role models. I am still blessed with the family I share my days with – my husband, my son, my daughter, and my father.

On this Mother’s Day, I honor my mother and grandmother. I miss my mom more than words can describe and her loss is felt more deeply on special days like this. I don’t have a mom to give flowers to, but I plan to send balloons to Heaven. And as I pause at the picture of three generations of my family, I will remember the good times and love we shared. I love you both, Mom and Mom Mom, always. Thank you for all that you gave me, the sacrifices you made for me, and the warmth and love you brought to my life.

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