Posted by: Kathy | May 23, 2010

Birthday Wishes

It’s common practice on birthdays for someone to make a wish and blow out candles on a cake. I’ve been told many times that this wish should not be shared with anyone if you want it to come true. Over the past 40+ years I’ve made many birthday wishes, never shared them with anyone, but they didn’t come true. I’ve never thought much about the wishes I’ve made, whether they’ve been a simple wish or something deeper within my heart. But it seems that birthday wishes are just for fun. I’ve never known of one that’s come true. Although I have to admit that if one of the birthday wishes I made over the past 3 years came true, it would be considered a miracle.

I officially celebrated my birthday this past Friday. It was the second birthday I celebrated without my mom. If I could blow out my candles and have any wish come true, it would be to have my mom with us again – healthy and full of life. Unfortunately, that is truly just a wish. I think back to the last birthday I celebrated with my mom. I don’t remember what we did, most likely we had dinner at my parents’ house. I know I was scared that it would be the last birthday I would share with my mom. As I blew out my candles that year, I’m sure my wish had something to do with my mom beating pancreatic cancer. But of course, this was a wish that didn’t come true.

This year we celebrated my birthday by going to the zoo. It was a great day, warm and sunny, the kids and my dad had their faces painted, we saw almost all the animals, and road on the swan boats. We had a lot of fun. I love animals. We’ve been going to the Philadelphia zoo since I was a young child, and as we were walking around the zoo I remembered other times we went with my mom. So many good memories, precious times, and I’m grateful I got to share those times with my mom.

This year I had two birthday cakes and made two separate wishes as I blew out the candles. The first wish was a very simple one, the second a little more complicated. I’m not going to share exactly what I wished for, as I still hold on to that superstition. But one had to do with my family, and the other was about my mom. I’ll let you know if either one comes true.



  1. Happy Birthday, Kathy! All good and peaceful wishes for a year full of beautiful memories of your mother.

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