Posted by: Kathy | July 30, 2010

Things That Fly and Float

My mom was a very creative person. She wasn’t someone who just sat around watching TV, like me. My mom especially liked being outdoors. She loved to garden and grew a variety of flowers and vegetables, along with 50-100 lb pumpkins to carve for Halloween. My mom also loved to play outside with the kids. My daughter has this habit of picking up sticks, rocks, pine cones, and other stuff whenever we take a walk. This was something she used to do with my mom, although she doesn’t remember it. Funny thing is that my daughter loves pine cones, and I believe my mom had a bag of pine cones that she saved in a closet, just in case she decided to do a craft project with them.

This past week has been very painful for me. Much of my focus has been on losing my mom and the pain that I feel. There are a few things that most likely triggered this dark mood, but I know that my mom would not want me to be so sad. I need to pull myself out of my “pit of loss” and focus on the good my mom brought to our family. She was the one who looked for things we could do together as a family.

The title of this blog refers to the activities my mom would do outdoors with the kids. My son would fly through the air on his tree swing or throw a frisbee back and forth with my mom or dad. My son’s favorite thing to do was play baseball. I can still see my mom pitching the ball to him and Matt hitting it as hard as he could, the ball flying past us into the neighbor’s yard. My daughter’s favorite thing to do was blowing bubbles with my mom. My mom would blow the bubbles and Nikki would run through them and try to pop the bubbles. Even when my mom was fighting against pancreatic cancer, tired and sick from chemotherapy, she would still play outside with the kids. I really admired my mom for doing that. She always put her family first.

My mom can’t play with the kids anymore. But when we’re outside with my dad playing ball or blowing bubbles, I think of my mom and the good times we shared together. I also talk with my kids about how grandmom used to play with them. The words “flying” and “floating” still pertain to my mom when we send balloons to Heaven in her memory.



  1. Your post is exactly what I needed today – I had a hard day with missing my mother. Like you, I need to remember the good memories
    Thank you, Kathy!
    All good wishes,

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