Posted by: Kathy | September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom. You’ve been on my mind all day. As is our tradition, we sent balloons to Heaven this evening in your memory and to say happy birthday. It’s a nice tradition and something that the kids enjoy doing, but I wish I could tell you happy birthday face to face or even over the phone. I’ve said it in my heart and mind and I hope that you heard me.

It’s Friday, our usual night to get together for a family dinner. I think about all the Friday night dinners we’ve shared in the past. Words cannot describe how much I wish we could share one of those nights together again. I miss you. I miss you not just for myself but for the kids too. You were an incredible grandmother. What you brought into Matt and Nikki’s lives was very special and something that can never be replaced.

I think about all the birthdays we celebrated together and they were filled with laughter, happiness, and fun. What made them special was sharing them together as a family. It’s hard to lose someone like you Mom because all I can think about some times is what we are missing without your presence in our lives. But I am grateful for the time we had together and what we shared.

On your birthday Mom, I want you to know how much you are missed. I want you to know how much you are loved. I want you to know that you blessed the lives of your family just by being there, and your love for each of us left a deep and lasting imprint. You are always in our hearts and never far from our thoughts.

Happy Birthday Mom. I love you.



  1. Hi Kathy,

    I found your blog while looking for ideas to help my husband cope on his first birthday after the loss of his mom. His birthday is this coming Monday and his mom died last October. I love your idea of the ballons and I will do that on Monday and make it a tradition for all our b-days. I was searching your blog for any writing you did on your first birthday but did not have any success. Can you direct me to this if there is one?
    You are a terrific writier and I can see how therapeutic this is for you and all your readers. I will pass this on to my husband and my sister in law who I think will gain comfort as well.

    Thank you for sharing,

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