Posted by: Kathy | October 6, 2010

Our Walk

On September 26, I walked with my husband, kids, and dad in a pancreatic cancer walk. As I mentioned in my previous post, this was the second time we’ve done this particular walk and I think it may become a tradition for us. September is a good month because it’s the month of my mom’s birthday. 

My dad and kids before the walk

First, let me say that our team met its goal and donated over $2000 to the Lustgarten Foundation for pancreatic cancer research. I am so grateful to the family members and friends who supported us in this walk. Overall, more than $70,000 was raised at the Allentown walk and over 600 people participated.

The walk begins

Once again, I was amazed at the number of people who turned out to walk for pancreatic cancer. Seeing the names and faces of lost loved ones on shirts, knowing the pain that people carry in their hearts because of that loss, really touched me. As a group, we were fighting back against this horrible disease. 

Time for a piggyback ride

We started off about three-quarters back toward the end of the line of walkers and probably were one of the last groups to finish. I noticed that most groups with younger children did the 1.5 mile walk, but we decided to do the entire 3 mile walk. Nikki started saying she was tired a little after mile 1, so I gave her piggyback rides and carried her on and off, so did her dad. But when she got too heavy to carry she happily chased her brother and picked flowers along the way. 

We're almost done

I’m glad that my kids could be a part of the walk My daughter didn’t really understand what we were doing, but my son did, and I think it’s important for them to know that they can make a difference just by participating in an event like this one. 

My mom's picture on the Wall of Remembrance

At the end of the walk, we each released a purple heart balloon in memory of my mom. 

Nikki kisses her balloon before letting it go

We love you Mom. You are never far from our thoughts and always in our hearts. Each year, we will walk in memory of you. 



  1. Kathy, I lost my Mother to pc in 2000 and my sister in 2010. Your efforts are exemplary! I wrote a song as a tribute to my sister. I plan to release it to U.S. radio beginning this month. I also set up a website to sell downloads of the song. Half of any money I make from this song, air play, sales, etc. will go to Lustgarten, and I too am spreading the word about this organization. is my site. Check it out. My efforts seem so petty in comparison to yours, but I have to start somewhere.
    Is there anyway I can help you? Keep in mind my effort is in it’s infancy, but I’ll help any way I can.
    sincerely, john autry (

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