Posted by: Kathy | October 14, 2010

The Last Card

I’m not the neatest or the most organized person when it comes to my personal life (work is a different story). I have piles here and there, stacks of stuff to go through, things to put away, and you don’t even want to open some of the drawers in my house. My goal is to one day go through the piles, throw away the stuff I don’t really need, and put things where they belong. It will be a long and slow process, but eventually it will get done. 

Today I spent almost an hour frantically searching for a folder that contains the knowledge information for all of my son’s TaeKwonDo forms. I knew I had seen it somewhere, but I just couldn’t remember where. I told my son that I’d look for the folder while he was at class. He is testing for his next belt (candidate for second degree black belt) in 9 days and may need to know some of this information. I looked in the most logical places first. No luck. Then I started going through drawers, sorting through piles, and looking in boxes. I even threw away some stuff, a bit of progress toward organizing this place. Still no luck. Funny thing is that I found the folder neatly put away in a drawer in my son’s bedroom. Relief.

During my search for this folder, I came across something I didn’t even know I still had. My heart skipped a beat when I realized what it was. I found the last birthday card I received from my mom and probably the last card she ever gave me. My birthday is in late May. The next holiday of sorts my mom would have given me a card for would be Halloween, but by then she was too sick to sign her name to a card, let alone go to the store and get one. Somewhere in my house, I also have the last Christmas card my mom gave me. And I have the card she gave me for Mother’s Day that year. My mom wrote something very special in that card and I take it with me when I travel, along with pictures of my family.

I can see my mom sitting at her kitchen table signing the card – “We love you so much, Mom and Dad” – and then writing the date of my birthday. It’s a beautiful card, purple with embossed flowers all over the front and inside of the card. There’s an embossed heart with a ribbon showing through a cut-out on the front of the card and the message is one of love. I know my mom took her time picking out a card that expressed what she wanted to say and one that she knew I’d like.

Realizing that this is the last card my mom ever gave me, the last thing she picked out for me, makes it even more special. I can guarantee that this is one thing that will never be misplaced again.

Mom, I love you so much too.


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