Posted by: Kathy | May 9, 2011

Who My Mother Was to Me

I know that I probably should have written this blog yesterday on Mother’s Day. I had started writing a poem the night before, but when I read it I realized that it didn’t do my mom justice. Yesterday, we followed our usual tradition and released balloons in honor of my mom. I just wish I could have done more.

My mom meant a lot to me, more than I ever realized until she wasn’t here anymore. She brought so much to my life, and didn’t expect much in return. In fact, all my mom ever asked me for on birthdays and holidays was just a card. On Saturday, I faced racks of Mother’s Day cards, and it hurt that I couldn’t give one to my mom.

I’d like to share with you who my mom was to me:

  • Family came first to my mom. When I was born, she gave up a promising career as a chemist to become a stay-at-home mom and raise her family.
  • My mom always made time for her children – we did crafts together, played board games, colored pictures, listened to music, and read books. She continued doing these things with her grandkids. 
  • My mom taught me manners – to say thank you, you’re welcome, and please, and to appreciate what I had (one thing I didn’t get until I became an adult).
  • My mom was the planner of our family. She found things for us to do together on the weekends and made holidays very special.
  • My mom shared her faith with me, introducing me to God and taking me to church on Sunday.
  • My mom always put others before herself and tried to help people. She worked as a volunteer with the Girl Scouts and United Way, and then raised money for AIDS patients and their families.
  • My mom taught me the value of family, that kids are a gift, and how having children can add so much to your life.
  • My mom had style, grace, and dignity, and she was always polite to others. I’ve only seen this in one other person, my grandmother.

In some ways I am like my mom, and in others I’m not. But, then again, we are our own person. But I know for a fact that I would not be the person I am today if it hasn’t been for my mom. She gave me strength and showed me how to be strong. I wasn’t ready for my mom to leave me, but the strength that she gave me helped me to survive her death from pancreatic cancer.

Yesterday was the third Mother’s Day I celebrated without my mom. But in a way, every day is Mother’s Day for me, as my mom is always close to my heart and I try to honor her in any way I can. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. What my mom taught me, her values, stay with me, always, along with her love.



  1. Kathy,
    I have been wondering how you have been. I know Mother’s Day is bittersweet for you. You gave your mother a wonderful tribute. I am sure she is looking down from heaven and is guiding your way and is very, very proud of who you are and how you are helping others cope with the devastation of this horrible disease. I want you to know that you have helped me deal with all that has transpired in our family the past 4 months. We must force ourselves to believe and have faith that God loves his children and that they are free of pain, healthy and happy…and waiting to join us again someday….and what a glorious day that will be. Joy, I so hope, will be with us and our loved ones. We must never lose that hope. I wish you a life of gratefulness of what we once had and what we have yet to come. Your mom, along with my brother, Bob, is with us…their spirit will never leave us.
    Take care, my new friend. Peace be with you always.

  2. Always so beautifully written, Kathy! Your Mother was TRULY blessed to have such a WONDERFUL daughter like you.

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