Posted by: Kathy | May 17, 2011

My Daughter’s Baptism: Please Be There

Since my mom died, there are many times when I wish she could have been with us – birthdays, holidays, various accomplishments by the kids, and times when I’ve been sick or didn’t know what to do. And if she were still with us, my mom would have been there – always, no questions asked. But more than any of these times, I wish she could be with us this coming Sunday, the day my daughter will be baptized. My mom wanted to see both of her grandchildren baptized, it was important to her. But infant baptism isn’t something my husband and I believe in, and my mom accepted our beliefs. My son was baptized by his biological father, and even though none of us were part of that event, I think my mom felt better knowing that Matt had been baptized. 

Last week, we met with the pastor so Nikki would know what is going to happen during her baptism. I want her to understand, as much as she can, what it means to be baptized in our church and why we are doing this. I know it’s a lot for an almost 5-year-old child to grasp, but the pastor did a wonderful job of explaining baptism to Nikki and what it means. As I was standing there listening to the pastor going through the baptismal service, I knew in my heart that this was the right thing to do for my daughter. There was a feeling that came over me that I just can’t explain in words.

The baptismal service itself is about 10 minutes long, if that. But so many emotions will surround those 10 minutes – love for my daughter and joy about what my daughter’s baptism means, but at the same time sadness will surround my heart because my mom won’t be there to share in this moment, along with guilt that I didn’t baptize Nikki before my mom died. Throughout this service I need to remember the real reason behind the baptism and that this is for Nikki.

Nikki believes that her grandmom watches over her and comes to visit from time to time. I believe this too. I’ve asked my mom to join us on Sunday and be a part of Nikki’s baptism. My mom should be a part of Nikki’s baptism, as she is very special to my daughter. I hope with all my heart that my mom is one of the angels who is watching over Nikki on Sunday as she is baptized. I’m so sorry Mom that I didn’t baptize my children when you were alive, knowing how much it meant to you. Please join your family on Sunday for Nikki’s baptism; it will mean so much to all of us. I need you there with me. Even if I can’t see you, let me feel your presence.


  1. Your Mom will be there through your love for her and your love for your children. The love that you show your children everyday, in every little way, is your Mom shining through you.

    • Beautifully put. I’d like to second this . . .

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