Posted by: Kathy | July 29, 2011

A Mother-Daughter Day: Good Memory

My family always celebrates birthdays with a family get-together. We typically celebrated my mom’s and husband’s birthdays together since they were only three days apart. For my mom’s 65th birthday, her last, and my husband’s 40th, we had our usual family celebration. But my mom and I also spent a mother-daughter day together, even though she had recently been in the hospital due to complications from pancreatic cancer.

It was a beautiful, sunny September day. The weather was getting cooler, but it was still warm enough that we could comfortably walk around the streets of New Hope, PA, and visit the shops. The things from that day I remember the most are how we browsed a book store, where she and I both picked out books for the kids. In another shop I got a hooded pullover, which I wear as soon as the weather gets cooler and think of my mom every time I see it. We had lunch together and ate outside, watching the boats and the ducks on the Delaware River, talking about whatever came to mind. We topped off the day with my mom’s favorite treat – ice cream.

It was a really good day, and one of the few mother-daughter days my mom and I spent together since I became an adult. I can’t believe how few days my mom and I spent alone together, as we were always with family. This day will always be a special memory to me, a time my mother and I spent together that I will never forget.


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