Posted by: Kathy | November 18, 2011

Dreaming of My Mom Again

After the last dream I had about my mom, I feared that I would never dream of her again. It was the fifth dream I had about my mom since she died, but in this dream, for the first time, my mom was dead. As I wrote before, I believe my mom sent me that dream to tell me that she was okay and it was time for me to move forward. I can repeat every single detail of that dream because it was so vivid, but what sticks with me most was the peace and beauty of the place I was in. I believe that’s the most important thing my mom wanted me to remember about that dream.

Last night I fell asleep and believe I started dreaming almost immediately, because when I woke up, less than 30 minutes had passed since I had turned off the TV. Suddenly I remembered my very short dream about my mom. I was surprised but happy, and then went over as much detail as I could about this very short dream so I’d remember it in the morning. When I woke up this morning and got involved in our crazy routine of getting the kids off to school and then starting work, I had actually forgotten about the dream until a few minutes ago.

In this dream, I was lying in my bed and the room was dark. I know it was my bed because I could see the closet doors in the bedroom. I was alone in bed. For some reason I turned over, and when I did, I was no longer in my bed. I was now in my parents’ bed, still alone, and then my mom sat down next to me. She was dressed in white, like a white nightgown, and was holding a long, thin lamp with a candle-shaped bulb on the top. There was no shade covering the lightbulb. My mom gave me the lamp, and its light filled the area where we were sitting on the bed. I don’t remember if my mom said anything to me. Then I woke up.

I have no idea what the dream meant. I was just glad to see my mom in my dreams again, even if it was just for a moment.



  1. I would love that!! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Kim. I miss my mom so much and dreams are my way of seeing her again. I’ve only had 7 dreams about my mom since she died, so these dreams are precious to me. A friend told me it’s a way of connecting with my mom again. I do believe that one of the dreams was actually sent by my mom, telling me to move forward and to be at peace. I have never actually said goodbye to my mom. I can’t and won’t. I’ve accepted her death, but believe that she has come to visit. There are posts on my blog site about her visits. I will check out your blog and if I dream of my mom again, I will share the dream. Thanks for your comment. ~Kathy

  3. This is a beautiful dream! I have two posts on my blogs where the guest authors share the dreams about their deceased moms. I really do believe they come to give us comfort and a chance to say goodbye.

    Love this post!

  4. You’re right. I am so relieved to have had a dream about my mom, especially one in which she was alive and with me. I got just a glimpse of her, less than a minute, but she was with me again. The last time I dreamt of her, she was dead and I didn’t see her. So I am very glad to dreaming of my mom again, even if the dreams are infrequent.

  5. I’m happy that I came across your blog. I too am starting a journey of writing about the loss of my mom, 2 years ago. I never knew before my mom died that dreams could feel like such incredible gifts of grace – a moment to see her face, a chance to communicate and feel her. I’m so glad you still dream about her! It’s like a breath of fresh air isn’t it?

  6. She handed you the light! Perhaps she was trying to share her spirit; to show you that you are the one who carries her memory and how it can illuminate your life.

    I long to dream of my Mom…so glad it happened to you.

    • Hi Angie:

      I rarely dream of my mom, so this is a gift. I searched through my son’s dream dictionary about lights, etc,, to see if I could figure out the meaning of the dream. I’m just glad I was able to “see” her again.

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