Posted by: Kathy | December 9, 2011

The Scent of My Mom

Last night I was lying in bed watching a movie on my iPad. The lights were out and my husband was sleeping next to me. Slowly I realized that I smelled the powder my mom once wore. It was very faint, but definitely there. I knew it couldn’t be the powders I have, which my dad gave me after my mom’s death, because they are in the bathroom and the door was closed. I hadn’t worn the particular powder I was smelling for several days and the clothes I had been wearing that day were stuffed in a pile of dirty laundry. For about 15 minutes, I could smell the faint scent of my mom’s powder on and off. I said her name a few times in my mind, called to her, because I believed that she was there and wanted me to know it.

About 20 minutes before I started smelling the powder, my daughter got up crying. She said that she had had a bad dream. As I was putting her back to bed and trying to calm her down, Nikki told me that there had been a glowing light in her room near the ceiling when she woke up from the dream. I thought it was just part of the dream and told her everything was ok and to go back to sleep. Nikki was up again 5 minutes later crying hysterically about how much she missed my mom. As she laid in bed, I stroked her hair, whispering to her that angels were watching over her, how it was my prayer for her and her brother every night, and that maybe even Grandmom had been watching over her. Fortunately, the rest of Nikki’s night was peaceful. Once I got back into bed, I asked God to watch over my daughter and surround her with angels to bring her peace.

Thinking about last night, I wonder if my mom came to look in on Nikki first. Is it possible that my mom was the glowing light? I don’t know much about spirits or what they can and can’t do. But after Nikki woke up from the bad dream, she saw that light, and then insisted on holding the Raggedy Ann doll that had been a gift from my mom. Usually she wants her elephant that she’s slept with since she was a baby, but Nikki was frantic because she couldn’t find Raggedy Ann in the dark room. She held tightly onto that doll as she went back to sleep. Not too long after I put my daughter back to bed for the second time, I smelled the faint scent of my mom’s powder.

I do believe that my mom comes to visit. I believe that she watches over her grandkids and wants to see them because of how much she loved them and wanted to watch them grow up. I believe that she comes to me too at times just to let me know she loves me and that she’s ok. There are things that have happened that just can’t be explained and I believe these “things” are my mom coming to visit.

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