Posted by: Kathy | March 12, 2012

You Still Provide Comfort

My mom always put others before herself. The comfort and needs of her family were more important than her own. My mom has been gone for over 3 years now, hard to believe at times, but in some ways she still provides us with comfort.

Last night my daughter had a bad dream. She must have fallen into a deep sleep quickly, had a bad dream, and woke up crying. The only way to completely calm Nikki down was to get her Raggedy Ann doll, which she had left downstairs. There’s a lot of sentimental value attached to this handmade doll. My grandmother got the doll at a craft fair and kept it in her closet to hopefully give to a great-granddaughter some day. Unfortunately, my grandmother died when I was pregnant with Nikki. The doll then went to my mom to give to Nikki. I can clearly remember a discussion I had with my mom around my daughter’s second birthday. She thought Nikki was too young to have the doll and wanted me to give it to her for third birthday. I was adamant when I told my mom “no, you can it to her” because I wanted to believe that she’d still be with us. Sadly, my mom died 7 months before Nikki turned 3. So on her birthday, I gave her a special gift from Grandmom Angel. Nikki was thrilled when she opened this gift, and Raggedy Ann has become a comfort for my daughter. She believes that when she sleeps with Raggedy Ann she will be protected from bad dreams because Grandmom Angel is watching over her.

For me, wearing my mom’s clothes or a piece of jewelry that belonged to her can bring me comfort at times. It’s like when I wear something that she once did, she is with me. Of course, my mom is always in my heart, and memories of her love, the times we spent together, also bring me comfort at times. Although sometimes the things that bring comfort can also bring sadness, as they are a reminder of how much we lost when my mom died. But no matter what feeling these items bring, they hold great sentimental value for me.

I’ve never met anyone like my mom. I’ve never met anyone who cared so deeply for others, who always put the needs and comfort of others before their own. That was my mom and who she was. I’m very proud to be her daughter.


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