Posted by: Kathy | May 19, 2012

More Than a Mother

Marcia Patton Harman is my mother. We had 39 years, 4 months, and 26 days together on this earth. I so wish it could have been longer. Although pancreatic cancer took my mom’s life on November 16, 2008, death does not change the fact that this woman will always be my mom.

While looking for a specific picture for his upcoming wedding next weekend, my dad came across a treasure trove of pictures from his childhood and of my mom from all ages in life, along with many old documents of my family’s history. I am fortunate that my grandmother properly cared for these pictures and documents and that they still exist, as some of them are from the 1800s. I looked through many pictures and documents last night, but I didn’t get through many pictures of my mom from her childhood. One day in the near future I will look at all of these pictures.

I was thrilled to be able to read documents about my family’s history, including a letter from the 1880s, signed by a surgeon in the US Army, talking one of my mom’s ancestors who served in the military as a nurse. The few photos I saw of my mom, before she became my mother, helped me to see a different side of her.

Born Marcia Ann Patton, my mom was a daughter.

A high school graduate.

A bride.

It is wonderful to see these pictures of my mom’s life before she became a loving and caring mother. I wish we could sit and look at these pictures together, so that my mom could tell me the story behind each photograph, possibly how she felt on that day. But I see my mom’s smile in these pictures and know that she was happy and full of life and love.

To me, Marcia Patton Harman will always be my mom.

But it’s nice to see pictures of my mom from different stages of her life and to know that at each of these times, she was happy. My mom touched the lives of many people throughout her lifetime, bringing happiness, comfort, and love. I know for many, the impact she made, her caring nature, will never be forgotten.



  1. this is a lovely tribute to your mom and I loved reading it 🙂

    • Thank you. I can’t wait to look through, and possibly share, more pictures of my mom from a life I didn’t know much of. I have her wedding picture as the background of my cell right now. I know it was an incredibly happy day for her.

  2. your mom was beautiful! I enjoy looking at old photos of my mom, and I also feel the loss of not only my mother, but the woman that was independent of me.. the sides of her I didn’t get a chance to know.

    • Thank you. Learning about my mom in a different way, seeing her as more than just a mom, is a really nice gift.

  3. Beautiful photos, and what a wonderful thing for you to have them now.

    • Thank you Laurel. I’m so lucky that these photos were preserved and saved.

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