Posted by: Kathy | August 16, 2012

I Missed You Today

I missed you today.
You were in my thoughts.
Your death weighing heavily
on my heart.

I missed you today
so I bought a balloon.
It said Thinking of You

I missed you today.
I took the balloon to the park,
kissing it twice, I whispered I love you, Mom
and then let it go.

I missed you today
as I watched the balloon
drifting silently away,
and I wish I could have handed it to you.



  1. Ah how lovely. I like the idea of your balloon – I am tempted to send one sailing myself x

    • It’s nice to watch the balloon float up into the clouds until you can’t see it anymore. I wonder if my mom knows about all the balloons we’ve released in her memory.

      • Oh, I am sure she does. My Mom passed away 248 days ago and it has been the most difficult time of my life. I miss her so.
        While searching for “miss you mom” on google, I found this idea of balloon and we sent it up for her for her Christmas Wedding Anniversary and now for Mother’s Day.
        To be honest, I don’t know whether she is somewhere but I just like to think and believe that she is.

      • Hi. I am sorry you lost your mom. I love sending balloons to my mom and it’s a good way for my kids to remember her. We haven’t done it in awhile, so it’s time to get balloons and go to the park. So much has changed in my life since I wrote this poem. I know my mom is in Heaven, but I also know she’s with me when I need her. I’ve felt her presence when she’s wanted me to know she’s here for me. Take care.

  2. i will miss my mom on Sunday. It will be her birthday.

    • We release balloons on my mom’s birthday as a family. Each one of has a balloon, says something, and let’s it go. Then we will just stand there watching as the balloons float into the sky and eventually out of sight. I will be thinking of you this Sunday as you visit your family and celebrate your mom’s birthday. Maybe get a balloon and let it go as part of your celebration. *Hugs*

      • Thank you Kathy. I think we’ll give it a try. Thanks for sharing your tradition with me

  3. this brought tears to my eyes. beautiful imagery, and it could have come from my own heart, the sentiment rings so true.

    • Thanks. I was really missing my mom yesterday. So I just decided to stop and get a balloon for her. It’s the one thing we do in memory of my mom. When my mom first died, I wrote her a letter, pouring out all my feelings, attached it to a balloon and let it go. This poem just came to me after I got home from the park.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, and what a beautiful sentiment.

    • Thanks Loni. We’ve been releasing balloons in memory of my mom since about 3 months after she died. Whenever my daughter gets a balloon from a party, she wants to give it to Grandmom Angel in Heaven. I think it’s sweet because she loves balloons, but it’s always her idea to let go of her balloon and watch it float away until she can’t see it anymore.

  5. Just beautiful. You have a gift.

    • Thank you. I want to honor my mom, and I hope she knows I release balloons in her memory.

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