Posted by: Kathy | November 5, 2012

She Was There

I had a dream
and you appeared,
like you had never left,
you were there with me.

I had a dream.
We walked together,
you spoke to me,
although your words I cannot remember.

I had a dream
and you were there just for me,
to provide support
with your love and encouragement.

I had a dream,
but in it you were sick.
I knew you were dying
and that saddened me.

I had a dream,
you came to support me,
but because I knew you were dying
I was determined to do my best.

I had a dream
from which the alarm awoke me.
I didn’t get much time with you,
but the memory warms my heart.

This morning I woke up at 5 am, falling back to sleep around 5:30. Before my alarm went off at 6:40, I had a dream about my mom. I started writing about the dream as a normal post, but then it came out as a poem.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve competed in a TaeKwonDo tournament and tested for my next belt. On my way to testing, I could feel my mom with me. I knew she was there to support me at testing. It was the first time I’ve tested for a new belt since my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

In my dream, I was at a TaeKwonDo tournament. When my mom showed up, I was determined to do my best and win first place for her because I knew she was dying. I love you, Mom.



  1. Hi Kathy, As always….BEAUTIFULLY written! A bitter sweet dream to have…isn’t it? I am SO glad your Mom was there with you for your TKD testing. I’m sure she’ll probably be with you during the Belt Ceremony too. Congratulations on advancing to your next belt! You should be VERY proud of yourself. Love You…My Friend! Claudia


    • Thanks Claudia. Your friendship and never-ending support have kept me going during the most difficult of times. Love you too, my dear friend.

  2. I haven’t dreamed of my mother for a long time. It makes me sad so often, but I miss those dreams……….

    • I don’t dream of my mom often – maybe 8-10 dreams since she died almost 4 years ago. Usually I blog about them because they are so rare. Once I had a dream in which my mom was dead. I feared I would never see her alive in my dreams again, as with most dreams, she would just appear and be with me. Fortunately, my dreams of her returned. No matter how infrequent, it’s nice to see her face.

  3. I dream about mom all the time too. It leaves me with mixed feelings as I miss her more but feel like we were just together.

    • Dreams always leave me with mixed feelings too. The day after my dream, I keep thinking about it, trying to remember more. I rarely dream of my mom, so a dream about her is a gift.

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