Posted by: Kathy | December 5, 2012

The Faces of Loss

The other day I was watching my daughter work on something for school and I couldn’t get over how old she looked. Just like my son, gone is the little child who used to sleep in my arms. I realized just how much my mom has missed of her grandchildren’s lives over the past 4 years. Events that she would and should have been part of or accomplishments I would have shared with her.

Here are some pictures of the kids that have been taken over the past few years.





Matt 13 b-day

Nikk 6 b-day







2nd degree testing


I’ve watched as my kids have grown and changed in many different ways. My son was 9 when my mom died, my daughter only 2. They are so different from the kids my mom knew, but what is in their hearts is the same. They miss their grandmom and would want her to be part of all that they do.



  1. Thanks for sharing the children’s pictures. I was a patient of your Dad’s and a friend for many years. I have often wished I could see their pictures. I did see your son’s photo when he was very little that your Dad showed me. Your Mom was beautiful and so sweet. My heart breaks for you and see you go through such pain of the loss. She is watching over you all from above.
    Say hi to Dad for me.

    • Thanks Chris. There are pictures of my kids all over my blog – check out my Thanksgiving post to see my other “kids” :-). It’s amazing how fast they grow and change. They’ve lost their baby faces – Matt especially. Thank you for your kind words about my mom. I don’t get to talk to many people who knew her. I miss her. We all miss her. She was special. I know my mom is watching over her family. I will definitely tell my dad you say hi. He is still practicing. Thanks for your message. Take care.

  2. So, so sad….it really helps to humanize what a parent leaves behind.



    • There’s a Lustgarten Foundation commercial that breaks my heart. It has kids, who are younger and older than mine, talking about how they lost a grandparent to pancreatic cancer. Take care, Sunny.

      • That’s awful – but it really does grab people’s attention. I think that ovarian cancer should do something like that….



  3. Thank you. I am very proud of my kids. I’m sure my mom would be too. Take care.

  4. A beautiful family and no doubt, one that was proud of and would be so proud of today.

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