Posted by: Kathy | December 6, 2012

In An Instant

Happy Friday. This poem started coming to me last night. How quickly, and at times permanently, life can change. I finished the poem today and posted it. But when I came back a few hours later and read it again, I did not like the way it flowed. So I changed my words.

In An Instant

Life can change in an instant,
in a single blink of an eye.
ll that we know is now different
and we are left with the question of why?

Life can suddenly shift,
swept away with a windy gust,
and with that wind our once clear view
has become clouded like a window covered with dust.

Life holds no lasting promises
there are no gurantees,
and each hand that we are dealt
could drop us to our knees.

Life can change with a sound,
a word, whisper, or gasp,
that brings our world to a halt
and we wonder how long will this last?

Life can end so abruptly,
and we stare at the face of grief,
the heart now encased in sadness,
quietly longs to break free.

Life can change in a moment,
taking our breath away.
  I learned to appreciate the time I’ve been given,
 to put love and laughter into each day.



  1. So beautifully written, Kathy! I especially like the very last verse; this is something you’ve reminded me of too many times to count. For that and many other reasons…I Thank You! I always hope, wish, and pray that you will continue to heal from the loss of your Mom. That as time passes the pain will not be so impactful. Love You My Friend, Claudia


    • Love you too, my friend. Even though we are many miles apart, I know you are always there for me, a true friend. You’re always there to listen and I so appreciate your friendship and support. I’ve updated this several times (you know me with my writing 🙂 ), so I hope you still like the last verse. Take care.

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