Posted by: Kathy | January 4, 2013

Daily Prompt: My Favorite Quote

Today’s daily prompt from WordPress asked: “Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?”

My favorite quote is by Thomas Campbell:

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die”

This quote was sent to me by a colleague when my mom died, and I have used it many times in emails, posts, post comments, and my mom’s eulogy. Because this quote has touched my heart in such a deep way, I share it with those who have lost loved ones, hoping that the words bring comfort to them like they have to me. I find comfort in these words because I know that even though my mom is dead, her love, her smile, and her laughter live on in my heart. Her memory is still alive in the hearts of those who love her most.

This quote also reinforces the promise I made to my mom – to keep her memory alive for her grandkids. I know my kids still miss their grandmother. My daughter often feels that she missed out on time with her grandmother because she was so young when my mom died. So I tell her stories about things she did with her grandmother and times I spent with my mom, and I always tell her how much her grandmother loved her and still does.

I truly believe that the way we “live on” after death shows the type of person we were in life. The fact that this quote symbolizes my mom to me now shows the deep and everlasting impact she made on my life. I want to remember her, and I do not want my mom to be forgotten by others.

This quote has helped me to realize that although my mom is gone, she will never be forgotten. My mom’s memory lives within my heart, and I remember with love the times we spent together.



  1. I struggle so much with thoughts around leaving, saying goodbye to the life I love, meaning and so on…this is such a beautiful quote and has added real value to my understanding of it all. Thank you!

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am glad you liked the quote. Take care.

  2. I’ve never heard that quote before either. It’s very sweet.
    The love between you and your mom is very endearing…

    • Thank you Denise. I never realized how big a role my mom had in my life until she was gone. Then I was left with an empty space nothing could fill. Over the past 4 years I’ve come across quotes and sayings that remind me of my mom. Take care.

  3. The words in that quote are so very true. Thank you for sharing, Kathy.

    My dad has been feeling pretty rough lately, and the ache in his heart seems to be growing since the death of my mom. I mentioned to him a few months ago that as long as we are alive, Mom will live on. I am getting a memory quilt made out of the clothes that remind me the most of her and some words will be embroidered in it (not sure what yet). My hope is that it will be passed on through many generations to come. The photos I have hanging of her on my walls remind me that she is a significant part of my past. I will never forget her.

    Unfortunately, the grief we carry will move along with us throughout our entire lives. I still, after almost 15 months, cannot believe that my mother is no longer on this earth. The death of my mom has changed the way I view the world.

    • Hi Wendie: I’m sorry your dad is having such a hard time. The quilt sounds great and a wonderful way to honor and remember your mom. I had memory bears made for both my kids and am now having one made for myself from my mom’s clothes. My mom has been gone over 4 years and I still miss her. Her family misses her. Her death left a hole in our lives, but her memory will always be alive in our hearts. I guess why that quote means so much to me. I wish you and your dad all the best. Take care.

  4. Oh, I love that quote! I’d never heard it before, so thank you.

    • Thanks Loni. There is a leaf on a memory tree with my mom’s name and that quote. It is special to my family. So much said in just a few words. Take care.

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