Posted by: Kathy | January 10, 2013

I Look To the Moon


I look to the moon
shining brightly in the nighttime sky,
and for just a moment
I stand still and listen.

I hope to hear your voice
in the silence of the night.
I close my eyes,
waiting for you to speak to me.

The crisp winter air
swirls around me in little gusts,
and in that moment
all my senses are alive.

I look to the moon,
illuminating the clouds,
and I ask myself
where are you now?

There are times when I feel your presence,
the powerful feeling of unconditional love
filling me from within.
That is when I know you are near.

Tonight I cannot feel you,
as those times are special and rare.
But I know you are with me
more often than I realize.

I say goodnight to the moon
and the peacefulness of the night,
walking back inside
to those I love.



  1. Beautiful.

    • Thank you :-).

  2. WOW! Beautifully written, Kathy!


    • Thanks Claudia. I took a picture of the moon and wanted to write about it. I often think of my mom in the peacefulness of the night. Take care

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