Posted by: Kathy | January 21, 2013

Super Sweet Blogging Award

Today I want to acknowledge Lori and her blog Let’s Talk About Family. Lori nominated me for the Super Sweet Blogging Award on January 13th. Thank you, Lori, for the nomination!


Super Sweet Blogging Award

Lori writes about caring for her father with dementia and the emotional toll of caregiving. Lori’s heartfelt devotion to her father can be felt in the words she writes. Lori and I also share a common bond, as she lost her mom 2 years ago. Please check out her blog when you have a chance.

As with most blogging awards, there are some rules.

  1. You are to give credit to the person who chose to nominate you – done.
  2. Answer the “Sweet Questions”.
  3. Nominate a “Bakers Dozen”

The questions

  1. Cookies or Cake? Tough question, but if I had to choose one it would be cookies. Homemade chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.
  2. Chocolate or vanilla?  Easy – chocolate of course, particularly dark chocolate.
  3. Favorite sweet treat, cheesecake or frozen yogurt.  I enjoy eating both. I know cheesecake has a ton of calories, so it’s a treat for me on special occasions. When I remember to buy it, yogurt with fruit is a great afternoon snack.
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most?  Early afternoon, when the work day starts to drag a little.
  5. What would be your sweet nickname be?  Not sure about that one. Sometimes friends have shortened my name to Kat, so that would probably be it. I also love Kit Kats.

Nominate a baker’s dozen

During my 4+ years of blogging, I come across some great blogs and met some wonderful people. I do not have enough for a baker’s dozen, which is 13 I believe, but here are my nominations for the Super Sweet Blogging award:

Memory Bears by Bonnie ( Bonnie lost her son to cancer and writes about healing from her loss. She also helps other people through the loss of a loved one by making special bears from the loved one’s clothes. Last Christmas, I gave each of my kids a Memory Bear. The Memory Bears are beautiful and Bonnie makes them with love.

Inspired2Ignite ( Denise writes inspirational posts about different aspects of her life and is sharing parts of a book she has recently written. Denise is a gifted and talented writer who inspires me to start seriously working on my book.

born by a river ( an oncology nurse, Kate lost her mom to cancer in 2011. She writes about her loss and journey through the world of grief. I can relate to so much of what she writes.

Baby Boomers and More ( Irene writes about the challenges that affect Baby Boomers, in particular Alzheimer’s disease. I love reading her Lighten Up Monday posts.

finding life in a death ( risingontheroad began her blog after losing her dad to cancer. Over many months, she took her readers to places all over the world through her descriptive writing and pictures. Now she is home and continues to write.

I Love Lucy ( JC, a dementia caregiver, lost her mom in early 2012. She writes about her journey with grief and has become one of the many people I’ve met through blogging who understand what I am going through.

Loni Found Herself ( Loni, also a member of the “Motherless Daughters” club (as she puts it), writes about her life, her dreams, and her accomplishments. She openly shares her life with her readers through words and beautiful pictures.

Take Back Teal ( after losing her mother to ovarian cancer, Sunny decided it was time to raise awareness about this disease. Her dedication and what she has accomplished so far are inspiring.

Words to Heal the Pain ( Krista lost her fiancé in 2011 following a car accident. As she tries to recover from her loss, she writes letters to her fiancé. Grief is grief and I can relate to a lot of what she writes.

Please take a moment to check out these blogs.

There are also others who have inspired me, comforted me, and helped me to feel that I am not alone in my journey through grief and healing. I am grateful to my readers and often touched by the comments I receive. Thank you!



  1. Kathy, thank you for nominating me for this. You are so sweet and this has meant a lot to me. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome. I enjoy reading what you write. Take care.

  2. Thank you, Kathy!

    • You’re welcome, Loni. I love your posts and enjoy looking at all the pictures you post. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Kathy. You have shared many more great blogs with us now. This is how the caring community grows. Thanks for your support. You deserve this award and I was glad to be able to share your blog with my followers.

    • Thank you, and thanks again for the nomination. I truly feel honored. I deeply appreciate your support too.

  4. Kathy, I am so touched and so honored by your nomination. Thank you, and thank you for sharing your other nominees. I look forward to reading those that I don’t already follow. There’s a wonderful and caring community out there ready to help. Thank you again, Jane

    • I agree with JC – I love the fact that others can now find additional blogs of interest. Thank you!


    • You are so welcome, JC. I love reading your posts. I agree. We belong to a caring community of people who understand what we are feeling. This is what has helped me to heal from my mom’s death.

  5. Thank you SO much! We just shared the link to this post on our Facebook wall.

    So honored!


    • You’re welcome, Sunny. What you’re doing is incredible.

      • Hi Kathy,

        Same to you. We’re moving in a more “fashion/trend” oriented direction, in the hopes of expanding our audience beyond just those directly affected by OC. I think it can work. Thank you for all that you do and especially thanks for your support!


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