Posted by: Kathy | May 13, 2013

Another Mother’s Day…No Mom

I started working on a Mother’s Day blog a few days ago, planning to post it on Mother’s Day. But I never finished it. I couldn’t find the right words to finish it. I am not even sure I have the right words now.

Mother’s Day is a weird day for me. On the one hand, I celebrate the day with my two beautiful kids. I cannot put into words how much I love my son and daughter. How much they mean to me. They are the center of my world. But, on the other hand, I celebrate the day without my mom. Yesterday was the fifth Mother’s Day I celebrated without my mom. It still hurts to pass by the racks of cards, all telling “Mom” how much she is loved and appreciated. This year, I did not stop to look at any of the cards with the word “Mom” on them.

My Mother’s Day weekend started off with a “Muffins for Mom” celebration at my daughter’s school on Friday morning. It was really nice. Ironically, Nikki’s teacher lost her mother to pancreatic cancer many years ago. She spoke of how Mother’s Day is both a happy and sad day for her. That is something I truly understand.


After church yesterday, we spent the day relaxing. I was wished a Happy Mother’s Day by family and friends, and all in all it was a good day. The only thing missing was my mom. As I reminded my husband to call his mother, I silently wished that I had a mother to call or visit. How I wished I could have given my mom a card or gift, or just told her face to face that I love her.

As I was going to bed last night, I wished my mom a Happy Mother’s Day. I told her that I loved her. I know she heard me.


  1. Lovely entry Kathy, Happy Mothers Day to you ((hugs))
    I did the same when we Mothers day here.
    Love n hugs

  2. A day of mixed emotions for many…

  3. Me too! I think Mother’s Day is never the same after you lose your mom. Thank God for my kids! Though some of them are far away and could only send cards and make phone calls. Two of my kids are local and I was able to spend time with each. Still, I was missing my mom all day….

  4. Completely understand the complexities and contradictions… *hugs*

  5. The words were hard to come for me this year, too.

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