Posted by: Kathy | September 4, 2013

A New Chapter in Life

Today is the first day of school. Really, it’s no different than any other first day of school, except that my son is starting high school. A new chapter in life. A new beginning. Another day I wish my mom was physically here to see.

Some days I feel lost without her, and today is one of them. I know if she were still alive my mom would have called last night to wish the kids luck today. I know she would have texted or called me this morning to make sure they got off okay. I know she would have been here for all of us with her never-ending love and support. The first day of school was a big day when I was growing up. It still is for me.

I sit here wondering how my son is making out on his first day in high school. Shy by nature, I worry about him. Once he gets settled in, I know he will be fine. But at this age, I will learn little about his first day of school. Teen = not sharing unless he wants to. My daughter, who is now in 2nd grade, did not get the teacher she wanted and it appears that many of her friends are in the other 2nd grade class. Although she is smart for her age, she has difficulty concentrating and staying focused. I hope this is a better year for her. I know worry is second nature for mothers when it comes to their kids, and I know that this feeling will go away as days pass and the kids get into their new routine. But right now, they are all I can think about.

Today is one of those days when I need my mom. I know she is with me in spirit. I know she is watching over my kids. But to have her physically here, to be able to talk to her about my worries and fears, would be amazing, and I know the kids would love to talk to her too. We all miss you, Mom.



  1. Oh for a time machine Kathy, just for one day.
    Hope everything went ok for your son.and for you too.

    • Thanks Nick. Life is crazy busy, hence my delay in responding. My son likes high school and is part of the marching band. It’s a whole new world for him. Take care.

  2. You’re making memories with your own children that, one day when you are gone, they will look back upon and smile.

    • Thank you. I always hope that I am a good mom to them. Take care.

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