Posted by: Kathy | September 23, 2013

Our 5th Pancreatic Cancer Walk

Below are pictures from our 5th annual pancreatic cancer walk.

Before the walk

Before the walk

The walk begins

The walk begins

The walk begins #2

The walk begins #2

Covered bridge - 1 mile down, 2 more to go

Covered bridge – 1 mile down, 2 more to go

End of walk - we did it!

End of walk – we did it!

2013 Wall of Remembrance

2013 Wall of Remembrance

Miss you, Mom

Miss you, Mom



  1. Thank you. I found your blog tonight for the first time. I did my first search to find such a blog as yours. My mom died 9 months ago suddenly and at age 63. She was also a Marcia. I am sorry for your loss, Kathy. Your words give me some measure of courage to face the first anniversary of my loss.

    • Hi Renee. Please accept my apologies for the time it’s taken me to respond. I smile when I see the name Marcia – it’s a different spelling than the norm and people often spelled my mom’s name wrong. I’m so sorry for your loss. As you approach the first anniversary of your mom’s death, let yourself grieve for what you’ve lost. I hope the day isn’t too hard for you. Please remember that you are never alone. Take care,

  2. Such a strong family! Thank you for doing your part to rid this horrid disease.

    • Thanks for your comment :-).

  3. Great cause! Such a beautiful mom, I am sure you miss her and I am sure she is proud of you. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks. I do miss my mom. I think of her in some way every day. This walk is my way of honoring her.

  4. Hi Kathy,
    How’s things?
    Sorry I haven’t been around for bit, I’ve been on holiday ( twice πŸ™‚ – lucky me ) and been so so busy, I’ve not had time to blog or anything.
    Plus I’ve think I’ve got ” writers block” or something or similar, I’ve got plenty to say, but I just can’t seem to get to write it down. ;-(

    Well done with your walk for Pancreatic Cancer, I hope you raised a good amount for the cause, and weren’t too tired at the end of it πŸ™‚
    It’s a great way to remember those who have passed, and a great bit of publicity.

    That’s a great picture of your Mum, – how old was she when it was taken- she had a great smile…
    I have a similar picture of my mum which I really like.
    She also has the same name as my wife… which is unusual over here πŸ™‚

    I hope things are easing for you Kathy, I think a lot about your Living in the present entry, and have taken your advice on board… which is probably another reason that I haven’t blogged much, as all I was blogging about was sad stuff.
    Life’s not all sad now, just occasionally things hit a bit hard.
    My mum’s birthday was 12th September, she would have been 83. That was a bit of a difficult day.
    Take care Kathy, and thanks for words of help.
    Love n hugs
    Nick xxx

    • Thanks, Nick. My dad chose the picture for the wall and it’s been up there for 5 years now. The walk is my way of honoring my mom. My mom was 65 when she died, and I believe that picture was taken when she was 64. Hard to believe sometimes that almost 5 years have gone by.

      I know what you mean by writer’s block. I don’t blog a lot either. I think about my mom every day, and there’s lots in my heart and mind, but none of it makes it into words for my blog. I think it’s because I am healing. There are things that still remind me of my mom, and I still wish she were here with us, but I am out of that horrible, all-consuming grief.

      Glad you could go on holiday – I believe we call it vacation here :-). Take care of yourself.

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