Posted by: Kathy | April 15, 2014

Death Can’t Kill

Death killed my mom’s body, but it did not kill her soul.

Death took away my mom’s physical presence, but it cannot take away her place in the hearts of those who will always love her.

Death keeps new memories of my mom from coming to life, but it will never take away the memories of all the precious moments we shared.

Death is the finality of life on this earth. The ones left behind grieve for the loss. We moved forward. Give away our loved ones clothes. Take down pictures. Remove things that symbolize the person who is gone. But it is not the physical knick knacks that hold true memories. Those special moments live in the heart and mind as feelings and pictures of the past. They will live on in the stories I tell my children, and those I keep close to my heart. Ingrained as a piece of me.

I will never stop loving you, Mom. I will never stop thinking of you or forget all that you did for me and all that we shared. I promise that you will never be forgotten by the family who loves you. Always.



  1. This is so true. I lost my dad in January. He had been in failing health for several years and was almost 88, so some part of me thought I was “prepared.” I don’t think you’re ever prepared. One of the things that hit me hard was first the great stillness and quite after he passed away, a physical energy so definitely gone, and then the flood of memories that prompted each of us to move back and forth between silence and great bursts of conversation about Daddy and our intermingled lives.

    • Hi Lisa: I apologize for my delay in commenting. I’m sorry about the loss of your dad. I agree, I don’t think you’re ever prepared to lose a parent. Once we learned my mom’s tumor could not be removed, I knew she wouldn’t survive pancreatic cancer. Still her death came as a shock and it took me awhile to accept her death. Slowly, things got easier, and I hope they do for you too. Please know that you’re not alone. Take care.

  2. Tears. So beautiful. With you…

    • Thanks so much!

  3. Beautiful entry Kathy, beautiful, it just says everything right.:-) xxx

    • Thank you Nick. Hope all is well with you. Take care.

  4. Amen!

    • Thanks Amy. Hope you are well. Take care.

  5. Hi Kathy, you capture the words so poignantly and accurately..and again I feel so less alone..thank you, Wendy

    • Hi Wendy. It’s always nice to hear from you. I hope you are well. We all grieve loss differently, heal at different times and in different ways, but no one is alone on the road of grief. We understand each other. Take care.

  6. Thank you for this message as today marks four years my mom passed over. It is still so hard.. But thank God the memories never fade away. Thank you for your blog. Sometimes the things you say seem as if I could have wrote them myself. Thank you.

    Love kisses and hugs..

    • Hi Nikki. I hope the 4 year anniversary wasn’t too difficult for you. It started getting easier for me during the 5th year. I will always miss my mom, but it doesn’t hurt as much. Little things still hurt, but overall I am better. I feel my mom’s love and I know she would want me to be happy. Writing has helped me to heal and I’m glad my blog has helped others too. Take care. XOXOXO

  7. Very poignant and very true. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks Loni 🙂 !!!

  8. Virtual hugs from one Mother-less child to another (IMO we are always children to our Parents regardless of age); this coming Saturday will be one year since I lost my best friend/Mother. Not a day goes by without thinking about her and if truth be told, I still haven’t fully come to terms with it. Thank you for your blog more than I can say ❤ xox

    • I hope the 1 year anniversary of your mom’s death isn’t too hard for you. It’s been over 5 years for me and I still think of my mom in some way every day. I have accepted my mom’s death – it took me a few years, but the way she died, what pancreatic cancer did to her, is something I haven’t healed from yet. I’m glad you get something from my blog. Take care, Xoxo

  9. Wow, very strong message.  You are honoring the promise you made to your Mom!  I know that even if you hadn’t made that promise to her…you still would have done the same thing.

    Love You My Friend!


    • Thanks my friend. You’re right, even if I hadn’t made that promise to my mom I would still keep her memory alive for the kids. It’s important to me that they remember their grandmother, and in Nikki’s case, to know who her grandmother was and all that she did. Thanks for the comment. Love you.

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