Posted by: Kathy | December 8, 2014

One At A Time

You are my mom.
Gone now from this earth,
it does not change a thing.
One mom is all I will have.

I miss you.
Your smile, your love,
all the things that made you who you my mom.
It is what I miss each day.

I did not think I would lose you
so soon in my life.
A lot of years I saw
that did not come to be.

But you are here,
each day with me,
in my mind and my heart
you live on.

One at a time
it can be done
when I think, when I talk, when I feel,
of all that you were and still are.

One at a Time


  1. Made me cry. With you. ❤️

  2. So beautifully written, Kathy!  You are such a TALENTED writer! Love ya My Friend! Claudia

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