Posted by: Kathy | October 9, 2015

My Childhood Home

The fifth Writing 201: Poetry assignment is Map, Ode, Metaphor. The map part suggests writing about a route that is special to you, possibly using ode as the form of writing and metaphor as the device. When I read the assignment, the first thing that popped into my mind was the drive to my parents’ house. I revised a poem I wrote over 2 years. It is an ode to my childhood home and the mom who made this house a home for me.

I’ve driven this route
so many times.
Landmarks pass by

I know every turn,
twist and bend,
highway leading to a tight two-lane road
then the steep hill I dread every winter.

When the bumpy road flattens,
I automatically turn right
onto the street of the house
I once called home.

I never knock when I enter,
I don’t feel the need,
as I walk into the kitchen
of many family meals.

There is still some familiarity
among the few things of you that remain,
but the feel of the house
has completely changed.

For months after you died
your presence was so strong.
It was as if you were still here
with your family.

Memories tied to knick-knacks,
your scent lingering in your clothes,
conversations replayed in my mind.
You made this house our home.

But all of that is gone now,
your presence erased,
bit by bit, day by day,
as changes are constantly made.

For so many years
I’d walk through the door,
knowing you’d be there
waiting for me.

Now I long for that to be,
sitting at the kitchen table,
with your crossword puzzle and tea,
waiting just for me.



  1. I could smell the scent of my granny for years after she passed away. Somebody told me as ling as we can smell the scent the soul is with us. Maybe it was true and she wants “beside” me until it was necessary…

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