Posted by: Kathy | October 17, 2015

Glimpse of Your Face

I turned on my cell camera,
for a quick glance at me,
Just to make sure I looked all right.
No, I would never take a selfie.

But my heart skipped a beat
as I saw the image reflected in the screen.
A glimpse of my mom’s face,
was not what I expected to see.

Always been combo of Mom and Dad,
a mix of their features reflected in my face.
Dad’s dark brown eyes stood out most,
but now I see more of my mom as I age.

Like mother, like daughter,
everyone says about my little girl and me.
But like mother, like daughter with my mom,
wasn’t something I was expecting to be.

So now I honor my mom
in more than just what I say and do.
Mom, I am aging and changing
and my features are beginning to reflect more of you.



  1. Beautiful poem, Kathy. Thank you for sharing. Blessings!

    • Thank you and blessings to you as well.

  2. That’s so beautiful. She’s there with you. Time is revealing her in all you do.

    • Thank you. The poem came to me while I was at a band competition. Inspiration strikes, I need to write. My mom looked a lot like her mom. Guess I am following down the same path.

      • Is that a bad thing? It sounds like a good thing

        • Never. I have learned that when inspiration hits I need to write, no matter where I am. Warm thoughts on a cold night.

          • It’s freezing here but I’m the fool for being out waking in it. Agreed about the inspiration

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