Posted by: Kathy | October 27, 2015

Daily Prompt: If You Leave

Today’s daily prompt from WordPress is entitled If You Leave. I changed that a bit and wrote about When You Left. When death comes, I don’t believe in goodbyes.

When You Left

When you left, I didn’t say goodbye,
it was something I could not do.
Goodbye would not be the last word
that I said to you.

I didn’t believe in goodbyes,
things couldn’t end this way.
Instead I told you that
we’d meet again some day.

Death took you from me
so much earlier than I wished.
And I am sure you know
just how much you’re missed.

Standing over your casket,
I couldn’t say goodbye.
My last chance with you in “physical” form,
but I didn’t even cry.

Death took you from my everyday life
but it doesn’t mean I won’t see you again.
One day we will meet face to face,
I just don’t know when.

I love you, Mom. One day we will meet again. I know that in my heart.



  1. This is so beautiful ❤
    I feel you, I can never deal with the death of a dear one. I can face anything but not the death of a loved one, I'm not that strong.

    • You’re probably stronger than you think you are. I watched my mom care for her mother and thought “I could never do that.” Three years later I helped care for my mom. I did what I needed to do and ended up being stronger than I thought I was. 😊

  2. That’s a beautiful poem. It expresses loss so eloquently. I couldn’t say goodbye to my sister either even though she’d already said goodbye to me a week earlier before she went on vacation.

    • I don’t think my mom said goodbye either. None of us did. It didn’t feel right. We all held onto hope for so long. *hugs*

      • Thanks for the hug. I’m sending you one as well. When my sister said goodbye before she left for vacation I felt the ground drop out from under me. I had this bad feeling that I’d never see her again. She had been acting odd and avoiding me. I hoped and prayed that the feeling I had was wrong but it wasn’t. I don’t know what is worst, a loved on dying suddenly or in a prolonged battle. I’ve seen both first hand and I can’t decide. What do you think?

        • I’ve seen both as well. I think it depends on the person and the situation. While it was really hard to watch pancreatic cancer slowly take away my mom’s life, especially those painful last few weeks, we needed that time together as a family. I will always be grateful for those 349 days. I’m sorry your sister left you feeling like that. It is like waiting for that other shoe to drop. You know something bad is going to happen, but you just don’t know when. Thanks for the hug ❤️

          • You’re welcome. I’m glad you had those 349 days. I miss my sister but I know she’s not suffering, and most days that is enough.

            • By the end of my mom’s illness that was enough for me too, but I don’t think I will ever stop wishing she were here with her family.

              • same here, it’s hard not to wish for their presence. Absence doesn’t change that.

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