Posted by: Kathy | November 9, 2015

The Space to Write

The day 6 assignment for Writing 101 asks where do you write?

I don’t have an exact place to write.
Pen hits paper, sometimes I type,
when a mood strikes or feelings hit hard
it’s like a lid was opened on a jar.

I scribble or I type ’til it’s just right,
early in the morning or late at night,
my mind won’t rest until the words clear,
not getting it all down is something I fear.

Usually when I close my eyes to sleep,
an idea that’s been buried deep
turns my brain on and says let’s go.
Words, words, words, they ebb and flow.

I’ve written in so many places,
scribbling and typing like it’s a race
on the back of an envelope I happened to find,
or from high school bleachers I write and rhyme.

And then I post from wherever I happen to be
sharing my words for all to see.
Where I write has no specific spot,
when inspiration hits, I just use what I got.



  1. Beautiful description. It made me think of my youth, I often wrote on tissues because cannot find any paper on hand. Now when words come up with my mind I can find my pocket notebook with my all the time to grab it. A painter once tell me that there are notebooks and pens everywhere in his studio, just to grab every inspiration when it comes. Thanks for your beautiful words.

  2. 🙂 … smile on my face while reading this… I love this piece Kath..

    • Thanks so much. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on ishappinesshereyet.

    • Thank you

  4. So relatable! What a fun way to write on writing space. Even I just write wherever I am 😄

    • It’s the only way I write peronally. Glad you could relate. 😄

  5. this is great! It gives a bird’s eye view of a talented writer at her work.
    “Usually when I close my eyes to sleep,
    an idea that’s been buried deep
    turns my brain on and says let’s go.” — that is so me. I feel your pain! Sometimes I get up and indulge that idea only to find it fades the instant I switch on a light. How frustrating creativity can be 🙂

    • If I don’t get up and write I lose my words. Makes for sleepless nights and tired mornings.

      • I wish I could do that. I mange to get up with just enough time to run to work

        • I find myself jotting down things when my body wants to sleep.

  6. Love it!

    • Thank you.

  7. This is lovely, Kathy. “Words, words, words, they ebb and flow.” My favourite line.

    • Thanks. I’ve been doing crosswords lately and ebb is a common word. 😀

      • Inspiration comes from anywhere! 😀

        • You are so right. ⭐️

  8. I love this!

    • Thank you. I wrote something earlier and then when I went to post I made changes.

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