Posted by: Kathy | November 10, 2015

Day 7: Blog from a Tweet

The assignment for day 7 of Writing 101 is to create a post using inspiration from a tweet. I don’t use Twitter at all, so thank you, WordPress, for providing some tweets to choose from. I chose the following tweet for my blog:

Education can provide you with a lot of information and knowledge, but I believe it’s life that provides with what you need to really live. In high school, I learned all sorts of math that I’ve never used again and I couldn’t even begin to understand now. Education has changed so much that sometimes I have trouble understanding my daughter’s math homework. She is in 4th grade. Forget about my son’s math – pre-calculus – I got lost during the description of the class syllabus on back to school night. Formal education can help set you on a path for a career, but your experience in every day life is the teacher of how to live.

I’ve had many experiences that have changed the way I think, act, and feel. One of those experiences is the overall topic of this blog – loss of a parent. Losing my mom to pancreatic cancer was a major life-altering experience. It brought out feelings I didn’t know how to deal with and changed the way I felt about many things in my life. My mom’s death changed who I was personally. I crumpled into a mess of emptiness, tears, anger, and guilt, and these feelings defined who I was for several years. But then I began to heal, and from that experience I became a stronger person. Losing my mom helped me to see what is important in life for me.

I also believe it’s the little every day things that teach us how to live and act. I was told to treat people the way I want to be treated. If someone treats me poorly, snaps at me, do I fight back or do I treat them with kindness? Most of the time I try to treat people with kindness, and believe me there are times when I’ve almost bitten my tongue off holding back what I’ve wanted to really say. But where would that have gotten me? Yes, there are times when I snap. There are times when I say things I shouldn’t. There are times when I completely lose it. But if I make mistake, if I hurt someone, I apologize, especially if it is someone I love or care about.

Other things I believe I’ve learned from life:

  • Don’t lie, especially if you don’t want to be lied to
  • Use manners – a simple please or thank you can go a long way
  • Show respect to others
  • Love is an important part of life

I am in no way perfect and I never will be. Life experiences have taught me some valuable things. I’ve forgotten most of what I learned in school. I remember staying up all night in college to study for a test and now I can’t even tell you what that test was on.

Education is important and it can help get you where you want to be in life. But there are things in life that you can’t learn from listening to a teacher or lecture or by reading a book. Some of the most important things I’ve learned in life have been through experience and by making mistakes and trying again.


  1. A very nice post! I can relate to it so much. Thank you!

    • Thanks for commenting. Glad you could relate. 😃

  2. At the end of the day, I believe Life is the Greatest educator. ☺

    • I believe that too. Thank you.

  3. Well put. Experience (and I’d add trial and error too) have taught me a lot especially about cooking. Cooking it’s all about trial, error and repetition. Sometimes following instructions too

  4. Great quote and great words!

    • Thank you!

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