Posted by: Kathy | November 19, 2015

Music – My Refuge

Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.
Maya Angelou

I love music. It is a refuge for me. Music can help me to feel or escape. Sometimes I listen to music to help break through writer’s block. The following is a playlist of 20 songs that represent me:

  1. A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Pink Floyd)
  2. Remedy (The Black Crowes)
  3. I Will Be Here (Steven Curtis Chapman)
  4. Place In This World (Michael W. Smith)
  5. Blessed (Elton John)
  6. You Get What You Give (New Radicals)
  7. Salvation (Gloria Alpin)
  8. Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve)
  9. Do What You Have to Do (Sarah McLachlan)
  10. Turning Page (Sleeping At Last)
  11. Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen)
  12. Breathing Out (Doveman)
  13. It Can Happen (Yes)
  14. Always On My Mind (Pet Shop Boys)
  15. One By One (Billy Bragg & Wilco)
  16. Book of Love (Peter Gabriel)
  17. Don’t Stop Dancing (Creed)
  18. Fix You (Coldplay)
  19. Don’t Know What You Got (Cinderella)
  20. Captain Jack (Billy Joel)

I know it’s an eclectic list. All of these songs can be found in one or a few of the playlists on my cell. Song lyrics are like poetry, they have something to say. But some songs don’t need words at all – it’s the melody that pulls me in. The assignment prompt suggested a list of 10 songs, but I couldn’t choose only 10 songs.

Is there a song that represents you? Or do you particularly love the lyrics and/or melody of a certain song?


Assignment: Day 15 of Writing 101


  1. I’m happy to see someone having music as a refuge like me 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  2. OMG!!! Yes, you made me gasp! I do love this post. I like to go back in time to the 70’s and 80’s only to discover such inspirational and epic songs like Pink Floyd, Queen and more. I am startled to see that you like a song by Creed, thought I was their only fan, well, at least among my people, and Coldplay, they’re amazing.

    I’ve been writing much about Adele, her new album 25 is terrific, not that it’s main stream but when you really delve into her story and older songs, you’ll appreciate that new album.

    Thank you for such a nice blog post. 🙂 Have a musical day.

    • I love Creed and Coldplay – I have all their albums on my cell. I haven’t listen to Adele’s new album yet – I will have to check it out. I have some of her songs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I guess it depends on my mood.
    I like an eclectic mix, too.
    Michael W Smith “This is Your Time”
    POD “Youth of the Nation”
    Pharrel “Happy”
    Jackie Evancho (nearly everything she sings)

    • Thanks for sharing.

  4. A great playlist! I’ll make mine tomorrow as music is one of my guilty pleasures 😊

    • Thanks. I feel the same way about music.

  5. Too many to list! 🙂 But I’m a great fan of the oldies and “I Won’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” by Nick Kershaw is one I feel has apt lyrics, that apply even today.
    These 2 other oldies have a great beat! You may not understand them as they’re not in English, but they really pep you up! This one’s called “The Magic of Love”

    and this one’s titled “Friendship” 🙂

    • My 16-year-old son is a fan of the oldies. I think it comes from all the games he plays. When Vanity Fair Icons did an issue on Frank Sinatra he had to have it. As I told Annie, his tastes go all over the place, just like mine. Thanks for sharing the songs. I love great music even if I don’t understand the lyrics.

      • Frank Sinatra! Your son has excellent taste! 🙂 I love his movies too! High Society! 🙂

        • LOL. He likes Dean Martin too.

          • No one can ‘sway’ like Martin! 🙂

  6. Great playlist, Kathy! I particularly love #8 and #18! My Top 20 list changes from time to time, depending on my moods — but my go-to song is Collective Soul’s Run. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks, Annie. My lists change to depending on my mood. My son is a lot like me. His playlist goes from Eminem dub step to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin back to Five Finger Death Punch (they’re pretty good). I don’t have a go to song – it changes with my mood too. Thanks for commenting.

      • That’s a wide spectrum of genre! Much like my playlist 😀
        My pleasure, Kathy, I enjoyed reading your post!

  7. Hello Kathy,kindly click this link I nominated you. For being such a grest Influence on this platform. You are an Inspiration. ❤

    • Thank you so much.

      • You are welcome Kathy 🙂

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