Posted by: Kathy | December 2, 2015

A True Inspiration

I’m a few days late in writing this, but better late than never…I hope. My idea for day 19 of Writing 101 – featuring a guest – has changed the more I thought about it. I have met many great writers over the past 6 plus years of blogging. There are those who helped me during the dark days of healing from my mom’s death. And then there are the many gifted writers I’ve met through the recent Wordpress courses I’ve participated in – Writing 201: Poetry and Writing 101. To list everyone who has inspired me, touched my heart, or made me think in some way would result in a very long list. There is one blogger who has truly challenged me on a deeper level to step up my writing.

Melinda from in medias res finds the time to blog every day, usually more than once a day. The words just seem to flow out of her and many times they make me think, inspire me, or touch my heart. During the Writing 201: Poetry course, I read one of Melinda’s posts for an assignment, then looked at what I had written, but not posted yet, and thought this isn’t good enough. I need to write better. I can write better. And I did.

Melinda’s writing has inspired me and challenged me to be a better writer, and she continues to encourage me to keep working on my book about my mom. I am grateful to have met a talented writer like Melinda through these courses. Here are some of her words that have touched me, inspired me, or challenged me:

A Bad Day in Three Concrete Sonnets
It’s only nine. Slumped down in my chair, I
listen to the screaming and threats weave in
It’s only nine. Can’t get a word in. I–
The phone slams down, the connection broken,
her parting words linger like fell tokens
of a cold malice.

Raking in Autumn: A Sonnet
Leaves blow and crinkle as I sway. I dance
with the rake. Round and round the yard we go.
Each step sends plumes of leaves skywards to dance,
to twirl and fall in piles at my toes.

Soul Walking: Stomp Prompt Sonnet # 1
A woman walks in slow time savoring
the images the music paints upon
her soul. On the band plays never knowing
the joy they bring one young woman’s soul.

A Homeric Ode for Your Friday
The sun kisses snowy peaks, whose tearful eyes
lock forever upon its saw dusted scars.
Where the logger raped, the old stumps sit rotting.
Tears freeze on every mountain, when Scotland cries.
Mournful winds sound out its suffering
as Scotland copes beneath the stars.

Dawn – Writing 101 Assignment 4
God’s free gift to us all, calling to spirits
young and old, a bright reminder that dawn
makes all things new as it showers blessings,
renews all in need, this light offering.

She can go where she’s needed; no one
can impede her. She’s no exhibit, not
some high minded-ideal. She’s everyone;
Every smile we make; every hand we shake.

I am glad my path crossed with Melinda’s through WordPress. Thank you, Melinda, for inspiring me and challenging me to be a better writer. I am grateful for your encouragement and the friendship that’s developed through our post comments, emails, and texts.


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  2. What a beautiful spin on Assignment 19. Personally, though poetry feeds my soul time rarely presents for me to simply enjoy. Melinda’s is wonderful. Thank you, Kathy for sharing it. Great work!

  3. Wow! I can quite see what you mean. Just the few ones you shared here, were inspiring.

    • Yes, they are. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Oh wow, this is quite a post…thank you for the praise and the friendship and for pushing me to write better too.

    • My posts come from my heart. If I don’t write from the heart, I can’t write – at least personally. I’ve been stumbling over the last few assignments, but this came to me clearly last night.

      • Wow what a post. Your posts do come from the heart, that shines through in all you write. Thank you for the praise

        • Thanks – I am glad it shows that my posts come from my heart. 🙂

          • You’re welcome. All your posts show that. 🙂

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