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Today’s prompt for Writing 101: Poetry is beloved. The first thing that came to mind was my parents. They shared a love so tender and sweet that it’s difficult to know they aren’t together anymore.

He saw her across a crowded room,
just a glimpse
but his heart knew
that she was the one for him.

A love so true it sealed their fate,
college sweethearts
who could not wait
to begin life as husband and wife. 

A life they shared together as one,
a true family
with one daughter and a son,
their life and love continued on. 

Then illness struck,
taking her from him,
only a stroke of malicious luck
could bring their marriage to an end.

But love prevails,
going beyond even death,
because soul mates never fail
to keep their love alive. 

A connection not to be torn apart,
beginning decades ago,
forged a bond between two hearts,
for love never fails. 

More than once I’ve heard him say
that just mere minutes
either way
could have kept him from his beloved.

mom-dad wedding

Mom and Dad – wedding day

Posted by: Kathy | December 14, 2015

Ode to Nursery Rhymes

Today’s prompt for Writing 101: Poetry is Fallacy. The prompt says “Today, let’s write poems that are wholly illogical.” To me the nursery rhymes I know by heart are illogical, although cute and funny. I took them to another level in my sonnet filled with sweet delights as an ode to nursery rhymes.

Hey diddle diddle
the Swedish fish strummed a fudge fiddle,
as the gummy worm squiggled over the moon,
flicking his tail in time with the tune.

Humpty Dumpty bounced on a marshmallow,
sucking on a lollipop of blue, red, and yellow,
but he slipped, then fell, and let out a yell,
landing in black licorice well.

While pickles chips of mint and dill
glided down a caramel hill
in a boat of orange cotton candy,
stopping to talk to a giggling frog named Mandy.

And the bubbly laughter from the frog
echoed through a night of neon-green whipped cream fog. 

Posted by: Kathy | December 11, 2015


Today’s assignment for Writing 101: Poetry asks us to write about freedom. “What freedom means is open to interpretation, which is why it’s been a recurring subject in art. In today’s poem, share your take on freedom.” There were so many ways I could take this, but I wrote about freedom through the eyes of Jade, my almost 2-year-old, nutty, lovable Lab-Malamute mix.

I wait at the back door,
the others crowding behind me.
Only the moving door
stands between me and freedom.

Here she comes, my Mommy.
Saying words I don’t understand.
Oh there’s one I know.

I sit
like the pretty girl I am,
waiting for the others
to do the same.

The white one barks,
the little one squirms.
Come on, guys,
I really want to run.

Finally, Mom slides open the door.
I spring into action,
always the first one
into freedom.

A cool breeze
crosses my body,
my toes feel the grass
I run across.

My first job,
sniff the perimeter of the yard.
Have any strangers
walked through here?

Side fence, good.
Back fence, good,
but I jump up,
it’s great to be tall.

Oh no, Mom’s standing in the open door.
My freedom gone for now.
I race inside,
because now I get a treat.

My tribute to Jade:

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