Posted by: Kathy | August 4, 2015

Remembering with Balloons

During my brief lunch break, I often take a moment to check out the news. Yesterday, I ran across a story that really touched my heart and I’d like to share.

Balloon Released at Father’s Grave Amazingly Comes Back Home

by Kathryn Robinson

An Oklahoma widow and her daughter who spent their first Father’s Day without dad this year released balloons and a message at his grave site — and may have gotten a “message” back.

The pair was stunned when — after leaving the cemetery, running a few errands, and driving 25 mile back home — the balloon’s note showed up at their house.

Sandy and Saige Seibold are still mourning the loss of Johnny Seibold after he died following a battle with pancreatic cancer earlier this year.

“He was diagnosed in September,” widow Sandy Seibold told NBC station KFOR. “He passed away in May.”

Sandy thought it could be helpful to release balloons with a handwritten note asking the finder to please contact them.

“We thought the idea of sending balloons to heaven sounded good,” Sandy said.

Her daughter, Saige, was upset when the ribbons tying the balloons together at first got caught in a power line.

“I just remember praying, ‘please God. Let these balloons fly for her,” Sandy said. 

Minutes later a gust of wind caught the balloons and took them on their way.

Sandy and Saige left the Sterling cemetery, ran some errands and drove the 25 miles back home to Cement, Oklahoma, KFOR reported.

Once home, Saige went downhill from their house to the pasture where she and her father worked together and spotted her message with the balloons — only a few hundred feet from the house.

“What are the chances?” Sandy said. “I think I started crying. It felt like a message from him.”

Sandy said she and her daughter find it hard to not believe that Johnny sent them a message.

“This has given us a lot of peace and good feelings about where he’s at,” Sandy said.

[from NBC News, August 2, 2015]

The first time we released balloons in memory of my mom was on the 3 month anniversary of her death. Lost and hurting, I thought this would be a nice way to remember my mom. Since then we’ve been releasing balloons on my mom’s birthday, Mother’s Day, the anniversary of her death, and sometimes just because she’s missed. When my daughter was younger, every time she got a balloon from a birthday party she’d asked me if she could give it to Grandmom.

I’m glad that someone who lost a loved one to pancreatic cancer not only released balloons in his memory, but also got a gift back.

Posted by: Kathy | July 23, 2015

Vivid Memories Can Return with the Littlest Thing

Today I was on a conference call for work. My workplace is in Maryland so I work from home most of the time. We were chatting at the beginning of the call, waiting for everyone to join in. The CEO of my company was traveling and talking about the NJ turnpike. He mentioned which exit he had just passed, and I said “that’s my exit.” So I jokingly asked him if he wanted drop by for coffee.

I spent an hour on the conference call, listening and talking about work. After the call, I went downstairs to get a drink of water and suddenly memories of a dream I had years ago, I believe right after my mom died, came rushing back. I had long forgotten about the dream and have never mentioned it on my blog. The pictures in my head are so vivid.

It was late at night when the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find the CEO and two other people from my company standing on my doorstep. The CEO told me that they were traveling, it was late, they still had a long way to go but were tired, and asked if they could spend the night. I let them in and found places for them to sleep. Suddenly, the CEO was up and said that they needed to get going. I was surprised because it was still dark outside. I wanted to walk my guests out. I walked out of the house through the door to the garage, and in my dream it happened to be my parents’ actual garage. A car was pulling in as I stepped out the door. I saw mostly the car’s headlights, but I saw it was a burgundy-colored car, my mom’s car. My mom and I walked out of the garage and down the street in the darkness to where my coworkers were parked. I didn’t see my mom’s face, but I believe I was holding her hand. When we reached the car, I said to my coworkers, I’d like you to meet my mom.

Then I woke up. This dream was interesting because the coworkers who were at my house in the dream were the same ones who came to my mom’s funeral. They had never met my mom when she was alive, but in my dream they did. I remember saying to them at the funeral “I wish you could have met my mom.”

It’s amazing sometimes how something so insignificant, so simple can bring back such a vivid memory, even if it was only a dream. It’s a memory of my mom that now brings me peace.

Posted by: Kathy | May 1, 2015

Just Because I Haven’t Written…

Just because I haven’t written doesn’t mean I still don’t miss my mom.

Just because I haven’t written doesn’t mean I don’t look at my mom’s picture every day with love.

Just because I haven’t written doesn’t mean I still don’t cry over the loss of my wonderful mother.

Just because I haven’t written doesn’t mean that I don’t wish my mom was still here with me, with her family.

Just because I haven’t written doesn’t mean I don’t talk about my mom with my children.

Just because I haven’t written doesn’t mean I don’t long to see my mom or talk with her just once more.

Just because I haven’t written doesn’t mean I don’t think of my mom every day in some way.

Just because I haven’t written doesn’t mean my love for my mom still doesn’t live in my heart.

Mom-me Christmas 2007

I love you, Mom, today, tomorrow, always. Thank you for all that you gave to me in life and still do in death with the memories of the time we shared together.

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