Posted by: Kathy | December 15, 2015


Today’s prompt for Writing 101: Poetry is beloved. The first thing that came to mind was my parents. They shared a love so tender and sweet that it’s difficult to know they aren’t together anymore.

He saw her across a crowded room,
just a glimpse
but his heart knew
that she was the one for him.

A love so true it sealed their fate,
college sweethearts
who could not wait
to begin life as husband and wife. 

A life they shared together as one,
a true family
with one daughter and a son,
their life and love continued on. 

Then illness struck,
taking her from him,
only a stroke of malicious luck
could bring their marriage to an end.

But love prevails,
going beyond even death,
because soul mates never fail
to keep their love alive. 

A connection not to be torn apart,
beginning decades ago,
forged a bond between two hearts,
for love never fails. 

More than once I’ve heard him say
that just mere minutes
either way
could have kept him from his beloved.

mom-dad wedding

Mom and Dad – wedding day


  1. forged a bond between two hearts….loverly. hugs!

    • Thanks – my parents’ marriage was a true love story

  2. Lovely, Kathy. Precious love, what your parents shared. That will never change.

    • Thank you.

  3. What a romantic, romantic poem, and so full of love! Your respect and love for your parents shines through your words, as well.

    • Thank you for your kind words.

  4. I teared up! Great writing

    • Thanks. I tear up too. I miss my mom. I miss my mom and dad together. I miss our family. Thanks for commenting.

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