Posted by: Kathy | April 12, 2016

Bedtime: One-Word Prompt

Today’s one-word prompt from WordPress is Bedtime.

Bedtime: Longing for Peace

a time of desired peace,
but so much has changed.
Now images clash with words.

Words of worry in my thoughts,
images of fear haunt my mind.
What did happen, what could happen,
they don’t leave me alone.

Alone in my bed
I long for the silence of night,
combined with my constant weariness,
to drag me into the deep world of sleep.

a means of escape,
but this kind of escape
often eludes me now.

Now I worry
about things I never had to before.
All is well “technically”
but I can’t find a way to escape.

Escape came with sleep,
sleep came with bedtime,
bedtime was my time of peace.
Peace, I long for you.



  1. Friend, I’m giving away all my poems, and song lyrics, if you are interested to use them, please click here.

    • Thank you, Sam. Your writing is beautiful and heartfelt.

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  3. Nice poem. Well done!

    • Thank you 🙂

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