Posted by: Kathy | December 18, 2012

When Christmas Hurts

On Sunday, we put up our Christmas tree and then the kids and I decorated it. At night, I love turning off all the lights so the room is lit by only the soft glow of the Christmas tree lights. But decorating the tree wasn’t easy this year. Many of the ornaments I held were given to me by my mom or were a reminder of when she was here celebrating Christmas with us.

Although I love that my Christmas tree is covered in tradition, I missed my mom so much while I was decorating the tree. It was a task, something I needed to get done, instead of something fun. This is not what I want Christmas to be, because right now Christmas hurts.

There are certain ornaments that really hit me this year, more than in previous years.

bear front

bear back

The bear my mom gave my son for his second Christmas and signed the back

pc ornament

The angel ornament in memory of my mom

star ornament

The first ornament my mom gave me as a child

When we finished putting all the ornaments on the tree, I stood back and looked at our 2012 Christmas tree. Overall, I think it looks nice. Most importantly, I know the kids had fun decorating the tree, especially my daughter.


I miss my mom and wish she were here to celebrate Christmas with us. I am hoping the Christmas spirit will hit me soon.


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